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1:10 reverse split tonight rounding up fractional shares.
1:3.5 reverse split tonight, rounding up. Trades on all round up brokers.
Broker news 1. Alpaca no longer rounds up reverse splits, so I plan to close my account. They have been removed from my broker list. 2. Dough is shutti…
OTC stock, 1:10 reverse split rounding up tonight
Last post had the wrong date. Split happens August 30, tonight.
1:8 reverse split rounding up fractional shares tonight, tradable on all brokers
1:5 round up tonight, tradable on all the usual brokers except SoFi
OTC stock doing a 1:13 reverse split tonight
1:2 reverse split over the weekend, tradable on all brokers except eOption.
1:4 reverse split tonight, tradable on all brokers
OTC stock KAVL is doing a 1:12 reverse split tonight, rounding up fractional shares.