Nasdaq stock is doing a 1:10 reverse split tonight, rounding up fractional shares.
Brokers don't need to round up reverse splits, so let's discuss some ways we can make it easier for them and keep this strategy going
Very unusual OTC (Fidelity, Vanguard, Schwab only) reverse split preserving round lots. Date has not been scheduled, so some time on this one. Read…
1:15 reverse split on April 26 market close, rounding up fractional shares. Should work on almost all brokers.
OTC, 1:1000 reverse split, but no word on whether it will round up. Could lose initial investment, but posting since profit potential pretty big.
OTC that doesn't close until May 6. Not a round up but some profit possible via the cash payout. It's a bit complicated, please read.
OTC, 1:150 reverse split sometime around May 11 (tentative) rounding up fractional shares
I'm launching the previously announced private groups. Members-only trade ideas beyond splits, discussion, and information on upcoming RSs.
OTC, 1:20 reverse split sometime around May 11
1:15 reverse split rounding up fractional shares tonight, May 20, 2021. Should work on all brokers.
Open a second individual account or an IRA, deposit $50, and get $100. Easy money.
1:2 reverse split over the weekend, tradable on all brokers except eOption.