1:5 round up tonight, tradable on all the usual brokers except SoFi

I'm buying 1 share of $ATIF by market close on Aug 27, 2021. 1:5 ratio reverse split rounding up fractional shares overnight. For participating brokers and sources, see:

Trades around $0.55 so theoretically a $2 profit per a.ccount if round up comes through and prices hold.

Quick reminder for new members since it’s been a month since the last Nasdaq reverse split: do not use E-Trade or TD Ameritrade. They both charge a $38 fee to process reverse splits.


If you want more of these types of trades, join in the paid group RSPro! We do all the usual reverse splits but with earlier alerts (I posted ATIF last week), plus some more complicated ones where round up is not confirmed or trading volume is thin. We also maintain a list of reverse splits that have been announced by don’t have confirmed dates, so you can load up early. And it’s not just reverse splits—we discuss similar trade ideas like merger round ups, rights offerings, odd lot tender offers, and even non-stock ideas like flipping new coin drops from the U.S. Mint. We’d love to have you!