Update on Brokers and FXBY

Broker news

1. Alpaca no longer rounds up reverse splits, so I plan to close my account. They have been removed from my broker list.

2. Dough is shutting down. You can transfer accounts to their parent company Tastyworks if you want. If you don’t already have Tastyworks, you might instead prefer to open a new Tastyworks account as they will give you $200 worth of stock if you deposit $2000 and hold it for three months. See here: https://info.tastyworks.com/100shares. I already have a Tastyworks account, so I will be closing my Dough account.

Here’s the full list of brokers that round up reverse splits, with referral codes: https://www.reversesplitarbitrage.com/brokers/

FXBY on Vanguard

Vanguard just paid the full cash-in-lieu amount on FXBY, the cash-in-lieu arbitrage play from back in April. You should have received $18.52 in your account this morning, for a $6 profit per account. Better late than never!